This challenge is all about TEAM SPIRIT! Form a team of 2 members and see which team loses the most weight in 35 days! The purpose of this challenge is to help motivate, support & push others past their limits.


The purpose of this challenge is to help motivate & support others push them past their limits.


This challenge requires 2 members and each member must work out a minimum 4x/wk. One of the four workouts must be a team workout AND you must take picture and post on Instagram or Facebook with the hash tag #NuLife35DayChallenge each week. If your team does not workout together AND post photo, the team will be disqualified.


You must book and check-in for every class proving that you attended. If you are disqualified, your team will be able to use your current weight loss prior to disqualification.

No weight gain penalty...just finish the challenge.


The challenge fee is $30/person (with a paid/active NuLife monthly membership). Team members can individually pay their challenge fee via the NuLife Member Portal under Buy Products.


ALL TEAMS MUST REGISTER ONLINE. Additional rules available in the Member Login section and onsite at each location.