Register for the NuLife 60 Day Challenge

 online today!

Fee can be paid during sign-up or via the Member Portal under Buy Products and sort by Fees.
Paying the fee does not register you for the challenge. You must complete the online registration to be completely signed-up for the challenge.

The NuLife 60 Day Challenge has arrived. Are you up for the challenge?


This challenge is all about YOU! Sign up for the NuLife 2020 2019 60-Day Challenge--commit to working out a minimum 5 days a week OR 7 workouts in a week. Make it your intention to lead a healthy lifestyle and commit to this challenge that will help you to lose those unwanted pounds, tone up your body, increase your energy and create and sustain healthy habits towards a longer, fuller life. Don’t hold back. This challenge is for anyone willing to try.

You must be an active NuLife Member with an active membership and pay the challenge fee. This challenge requires you to participate in a minimum 5 classes per week but up to 7 classes per week.

You must book and check-in for every class proving that you attended seven sessions. If you fail to book & check-in, we have no way to prove your attendance & you will be disqualified. If you are disqualified from the challenge you are still able to work out for the duration of your days left.

While the challenge is tough, it is YOUR DISCIPLINE & our circle of members that make attaining this goal easier and fun.


Additional FEE for challenge is $30/month for each of the 30 days ($60 total) – Note: Your membership due date remains the same. The first Challenge fee must be paid prior to your challenge start date.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE. Additional rules available in the studios.