NuLife offers a variety of classes that will align with your fitness goals...

An intense, high-energy cardio workout that combines jumping jacks, squats, high-runs and many other exercises into an exciting 45-minute routine that will get you and keep you on a weight loss and healthy lifestyle regimen.
Fast-moving, rhythmic exercises on a step bench will make you feel like you are combining an aerobic routine with "step" dance moves to make you burn more calories than ever before. The pounding of your feet on the bench will be music to your ears and body. NuStep makes fat fall off.
Body Weight
Full body & fat-burning class. Push your body to its limit with cardio and strength training that will make you beg for mercy. From suicides to burpees to walking lunges and then spider crawls -- all on steroids -- this workout is not for the faint at heart. Don’t be scared. Come get some of this Body Weight class to torch calories, build muscle and keep your metabolism revved up long after class is finished!
Weight-lifting routines that target specific body parts will cause beads of sweat to pop while helping you burn fat and build muscle to give you a sleek and toned physique. You will get that body you've always wanted.
NuCamp Xpress
There’s no time for breaks in a 30-minute workout of everything in NuCamp – just active rest and then bursts of exercise moves that will require you to give it all you got. It is shorter but the intensity is kicked up a notch to burn calories at your peak performance level.
Hip Hop Cycling
Hover the seat of a stationary bike while adding squats, push-ups, punches and other interesting moves with your upper body to the latest music to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping from start to finish. You will burn hundreds of calories and have a ton of fun.
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