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Nulife provides an competitive group fitness option and a personalized approach that yields results. NuLife changes your health, appearance and overall self-esteem in a challenging, yet fun environment resulting in an overall lifelong transformation. NuLife is the HOME OF RESULTS!


NuLife Fitness Camp’s purpose is to give clients (children, men & women) a sense of a new beginning, a “nu life”, by introducing them to a healthier lifestyle. By incorporating a combination of intense aerobic, step & strength routines and a guide of healthy eating habits consisting of more whole foods. All clients are held accountable for their journey by weighing in regularly, logging meals and as well as random weight checks.


NuLife is set up to implement group fitness in a boot camp style format with personal attributes. The program entails very rigorous fitness 45-minute routines that are targeted primarily at burning fat and strengthening & toning your body. The healthy eating guide has helped numerous members reach their weight loss goals and maintain their weight loss in a healthy manner by eliminating the bad saturated fats, carbs, sugars, excessive salts and processed foods.


NuLife caters to those who are determined to make a change and be fit.  Register for our online orientation today!

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