Frequently Asked Questions

NuLife offers group training with a personal touch that holds each client accountable during their fitness journey.

Do you have contracts?

No NuLife memberships are month-to-month.


Can you workout at any location?

Yes, all memberships are all inclusive to both locations.


Do you have beginners classes?

No we do not, BUT most of our classes are designed for ALL fitness levels. Options for modifications are available in most of our classes for beginners. We encourage you to come, even if you have never worked out before.  It is important to let the instructor or customer service representative know when you if you have an injury or condition that requires special modifications.


How long are your classes?

Most classes are 45 minutes. We do offer some Xpress classes that are only 30 minutes of continuous cardio.


Do you have to weigh-in?

Yes. Each client must initially weigh-in weekly. As you progress through the program by meeting your weight goals you are rewarded and weigh-in less.


Do you have a program that does not require weigh-ins?

NO. Our weight management program is based on accountability.


Do you have to be a member to take a Cycling Class?

NO. Non-members may book a cycling class for $10/class or an Unlimited cycling package for $60. Purchase here.


Do you have a program for kids?

Our program allow children at the age of 9 years old.


Can anyone join your challenges?

NO. You must have an active membership or become a member.


Do you charge for your challenges?

Yes. There are additional fees for the challenges.


Do you offer personal training?

Yes. For additional information please contact us at


How do I join?

All new and prospective clients must complete the online orientation process. The NuLife new member orientation process is now available while allowing you to compete 98% of the registration process online. Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete the entire online process. How does the online orientation process work? 

  • Complete the online Questionnaire which includes a short health history

  • Select a membership and process the payment (Receipt emailed immediately)

  • Once NuLife receives the confirmation email, you will receive an email to complete the final part of the online process of viewing a short 5 minute video (Headphones will be needed)

  • After viewing the video, you will receive a Welcome email that includes your information to log into the NuLife Member Portal

  • Once you book your first class, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled class to receive a key tag, paperwork, get weighed, and take photos.

Click HERE to join!


I am a previous member, how do I return to NuLife?

If you are a previous member of NuLife, you are not required to complete this process. You may register online by clicking HERE. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class to receive a new key tag or reactivate your old key tag, receive paperwork, get weighed, and take photos.